About Us

Cinéman Films Inc is a nationally chartered Canadian film production company with head office in Toronto Canada.

Carl Laudan (director, producer, editor) and Katherine Schlemmer (writer, director) are a filmmaking duo who met by accident in  a Montreal Bar on Halloween.

Our films have played on , Superchannel (Canada), at various film festivals around the World.

We started by making the short films “The Big Thing“, and “Man Depot” which garnered awards and a Genie Nomination.

We’ve made two feature films since then. “Sheltered Life” [trailer], and more recently “The death (and life) of Carl Naardlinger” [trailer] [website].

Currently, Cinéman Films is gearing up to release ‘Naardlinger’ across Canada; we’re in pre-production on a feature documentary on foundational physics; and  developing “The Cat Years” our third feature film.